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Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray is the first pepper spray in the world to connect to your phone and text an exact location alert to your emergency contacts. This attractive looking device also features a powerful siren, 3 strobe LED lights and maximum strength pepper spray formula.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Plegium® in Sweden, it is imported by Smart Pepper Spray SA™ – the sole distributor and reseller in South Africa.

Features of the Smart Pepper Spray

  • High-intensity pepper spray which includes multiple shots over a 3 metre distance
  • High pitched siren followed by a loud scream sound 
  • 3 LED strobe lights for better aim at the attacker and to disorient the attacker at night
  • Bluetooth connectivity to an App on your phone
  • Sends a text message of your location to the cellphones of your chosen emergency contacts (location pin on maps)
  • Puts in a call to your emergency contacts


Benefits for you 

  • Peace of mind: While walking, running, cycling, driving or in your home, you’ll be reassured that you will be able to defend yourself
  • Real-time alerts are sent to your loved ones, alerting them that you have been threatened or attacked
  • Help can be sent to your exact location, immediately after the alert is received

How to set up your Smart Pepper Spray

  • Open the packaging
  • Download the Plegium® App from the App Store
  • Enter the unique key below the flip lid
  • Link your contacts in the App
  • And that’s it, you’re all set to use your spray should you need it

Watch the video on how to use it here.

Under attack? Here’s how to use it

  • Flip open the flip lid
  • Press down the button for as long as needed to fire the pepper spray
  • The alarm sound will work automatically as well as the LED strobe lights
  • Once the assault situation is over, flip the emergency switch up to switch off the alarm

Pepper Spray

This high-potency, multi-shot Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray has a 3 metre range that effectively stops an attacker in his tracks. The spray causes extreme eye pain and temporary blindness – giving you space and time to escape. There are multiple shots but this depends on the intensity of the spray. 



A 130 dB siren sounds the second a Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray is fired. This decibel level is greater than most standalone personal alarms and is designed to distract the attacker and attract attention to the fact that you are at risk.


Strobe LEDs

Assaults often happen in poorly-lit areas, which is why 3 x LED strobe-effect lights flare up the instant you fire your Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray. This illumination helps you aim for the attacker’s eyes while the 19 Hz strobe lighting-effect disorientates him.


Location Text Messages

Get help, in an instant. The moment you fire your Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray, the FREE Plegium® App automatically sends a text message with a Google Maps link of your location to the emergency contacts you’ve pre-loaded onto the App.


Phone Calls

When you fire Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray, the Plegium® App places an automated phone call to your emergency contacts to let them know you’re in danger and that a text message marking your location has been sent.


Battery Life

A battery life that can save your life. The Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray has a 4-year no-charge battery life. NB: Battery life and warranty are 4 years from date of manufacture on packaging and device.

Internationally Patented

Highly functional and pleasing in design, the internationally-patented Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray is one of the most attractive safety products available.


Flip Top and Sensory Sight

To avoid accidental triggering, the Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray has a spring-loaded flip-top safety lid and its trigger ridge indicates the direction of the spray nozzle. By feeling this ridge with your thumb, your hand automatically points in the direction of the stream to better focus your aim.  



To fire: slip your thumb under the flip-top lid and press on the centre of the trigger. 

To aim: Spray the attacker across the eyes and then concentrate on the nose and mouth.

The spray will shoot from the nozzle, the siren and LEDs will activate and the App will send a location text message and an automatic phone call to your emergency contacts.

To stop firing: release the trigger. The spray will cease but the siren and strobe LEDs will stay active. This pepper spray has been manufactured so that it is not easy for the attacker to switch it off. To deactivate these, use a pointed object such as a paperclip or pen tip to lift the lever marked TEST, located on the side of the unit.

Note: Keep your phone’s Bluetooth on and the Plegium® App on in the background. Location text messages and phone calls rely on data coverage. Cellphone must be in close proximity to pepper spray for alerts to be relayed. The pepper spray must not be stored in or exposed to heat above 50°C, for example in a hot car. It should also not be stored or exposed to cold lower than 0°C


Test Button

As with all safety equipment, it is advisable to test your Plegium® Smart Pepper Spray from time to time. You can test the location text messages, phone calls, siren and strobe LEDs without firing. Simply press down the TEST lever. To turn off the siren and the strobe LEDs simply lift the lever back up.

All batteries included: Bluetooth 1 x CR2450, replaceable Siren 4x LR44, built-in LEDs, 4x LR41, built-in. Extreme use can reduce battery life.

Who can benefit from the Smart Pepper Spray?

  • Commuters and drivers
  • Walkers
  • Runners
  • Cyclists
  • People who like to go out exploring during the day or night 
  • Office workers in urban CBD areas 
  • Adventurers and other sportspeople 
  • Men, women and teenagers – basically, any citizen of South Africa!